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Virsylvia Farm and
Questa Farmers Market
Owner: Morgan Gentry
Mailing Address
HC 81 Box 59
Questa, NM 87556

Sugar Mamas Honey is very unique! We begin the pollinating season by placing treatment-free hives in certified organic orchards along the Upper Rio Grande in Velarde, NM. The same family has been managing these orchards in Tewa territory for 16 generations! Once the pollination is complete, in the dead of night, the bees are relocated for their second round of Spring in Taos County in various locations. This ensures a diverse flavor profile and gives the bees more opportunities to forage for a longer period of time.

This honey is unfiltered and raw. Unfiltered and raw means that minimal (if any) heat is used during extraction and bottling, and it is poured only through a strainer, not a filter. This [minimal] processing leaves health-promoting enzymes intact and local pollens inside.